Drugs, Guns, Attempted Kidnapping, Robbery, Violence and Intimidation - Debbie Matani (a.k.a., Deborah Faye Shatley)


"The Truth will set victims free"

Debbie Matani text this picture of herself, high from a 3 week crystal meth binge, to a victim the day after she attempted to kidnap a child.

Because of victims knowledge of a drug related shooting, and other illegal activity, victims life and the well being of others has been put in jeopardy by Debbie Matani and her associates. Mrs. Matani, as evidence will prove, is a known drug addict, mainly crystal meth, a former stripper at Atlanta's notorious Gold Club, has violent tendencies, has harmed minor children and is a former Colombian drug smuggler in charge of concealing weapons for a drug lord one Federal prosecutor called worse than Al Pacino in Scarface. To follow will be video, pictures, voicemails, correspondence, eye witness affidavits and more irrefutable evidence.

- "Lurid stories told of Cruz in drug trial"
Date: August 21, 1985 Publication: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution Page Number: A/25 Word Count: 504
It was, to say the least, two pictures in startling contrast. And as the 5-week-old trial of accused drug kingpin Carlos Cruz entered its final phase in federal court Tuesday, the jury was being asked to decide which to believe. On one hand, there was the prosecution picture of a steamy world of drugs, sex and violence, featuring a cast that included bodyguards named Kiki and George, a kidnapped woman trading sexual favors for her husband's well-being, a man stuffing a...

- The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution: Alleged kingpin of ...
Pay-Per-View - Atlanta Journal-Constitution - NewsBank - Jul 19, 1985
The first witness Thursday was 24-year-old Deborah Shatley, Morrow High Schoo l's homecoming queen of 1979, who has agreed to plead guilty to one drug ...

- The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution: Drug dealer Cruz...
Pay-Per-View - Atlanta Journal-Constitution - NewsBank - Oct 9, 1985
... said Miss Irvin testified that sometimes Cruz would have her and another livein girlfriend Deborah Shatley run alongside a fence near the house while he...

- Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution: Prosecutor describes...
Pay-Per-View - Atlanta Journal-Constitution - NewsBank - Aug 20, 1985
A third girlfriend, Deborah Shatley, a former Morrow High School homecoming queen, pleaded guilty to drug charges and was the first prosecution witness ...

More detail about Debbie's criminal behavior can be found at:

Debbie Matani's Criminal Behavior

Dead body #2 (information on the first dead body to follow) is the brother of a friend of Debbie Matani's. This horrible news was reported on all major news outlets in Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal Constitution article is archived at this link:

According to Debbie Matani, Federal Agents captured her with her illegal cache of guns in the trunk of the car she was driving after pulling out of the compound referred to in the article. Additional Atlanta Journal articles posted. If you pull all the names together, you'll see Debbie Matani still communicates with them, with several living in the same part of town. Pull their lengthy criminal records and you'll see prison isn't a deterrent.


Some of Debbie Matani's violent associates include Carlos Bienuenido CRUZ, Roberto Cruz, Stephen Cruz, Teresa Irwin, Phillip Warren Jones, Dave Thomas, Clarence Brantley and Arthur Liggins Strong:



Many more pictures, videos and voice messages/conversations to come. The more people that know, the safer others will be, including children.

This church sign was changed by Rev. Dana Hughes, friend of Debbie Matani, after Matani failed to comply with a Georgia Superior Court Order, signed by Judge Woodson, to inform her father (Curtis Shatley), sister (Linda Shatley Miller) and father of her child (Miranda Matani), Brennan Walters, of a protective order and enter drug rehab. This sign, previously, hadn't changed in about 3 years. The sign was again changed to no message within 24 hours after Matani was served with Contempt of Court documents. Within 48 hours of this change, victim was threatened with death by a gun-toting man in Midtown Atlanta.

Varner Dissertation (dead body found at the home Debbie Matani lived in and previously set on fire): 

Local news article about dead body she "found" in her yard. What is not reported is that Debbie Matani communicated regularly with the dead mans brother.


Someone in her neighborhood may know about Debbie Matani's drug dealings:


Brennan Walter is the biological father of Debbie Matani's daughter Miranda. However, Shafiq Matani signed the birth certificate. The likely reason is that Brennan was charged with possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs in Clayton County Georgia and wasn't available to claim his child. You can search some of this criminals cases at:

http://www.claytoncountyga.gov/courts/court-case-inquiry.aspx   (Enter "Brennan Walter" under Criminal Name Search)

Brennan Walter was the owner of the house on Delaware that Debbie Matani intentionally set on fire. This is also where the dead body of Matani's friend's brother was found, and the location of where a 10 year old Miranda Matani, daughter, ran her mother over as she hid from a drug dealer behind the driveway fence.

Debbie Matani associated with 30 Deep. The dead man in her yard, that she didn't know what to do with for fear of being implicated as she should have been, instead allowing her dog to eat him, was a member. In this recent article, you'll find more information about her dealings and whereabouts, the Old Fourth Ward (Boulevard):


Abused Victims

Here's a recent article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution where an 81 year old man was sentenced to life in prison for molesting a child. When the child told an adult, she wasn't believed and then beaten. While Debbie Matani likely didn't have anything to do with this travesty, this is her M.O.. Commit a crime, have the victim attacked for purposes of compliance and submission, then continue the cycle all over again.

This man was eventually caught after many years. Debbie Matani will be as well, again. She fears the text messages, voice mails, emails and video that the authorities will have one day. She can't con her way out of her own written, spoken and videotaped words.  Her attacks of at least one victim continue to this very day.


"The Truth Will Set Them Free", "The Bearer Of Reality Is Often Treated As a Criminal"
"I can take (unnamed child) and there's nothing you can do about it", said, text and emailed Debbie Matani often. Then she tried kidnapping a child twice. She even confirms in an email that she had her friend and crystal meth customer, Catherine Jaffin (aka, Cat), go after the child at the child's school.

Is kidnapping a child to silence an adult worse than kidnapping a mans wife and forcing her into prostitution, as Debbie Matani (Shatley) and her associates did, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution?

This author has seen a true horror story of evidence.

Shafiq Matani Scam & Debbie Matani Speaks

How many lottery tickets did Debbie Matani cash in for her sham husband, Shafiq Matani, who scammed them from his customers at  the gas station convenience store for which he works(ed)? 

In the audio recordings below, which has been edited to protect the innocent and are the least offensive, where Debbie Matani apologizes for the events of the prior evening, whereby, she threatened to destroy a victims home. According to one witness affidavit, " Ms. Matani caused a large amount of disturbance in the lobby by constantly ringing the intercom from outside and screaming obscenities" and "threatened to destroy the lobby, on numerous times, unless granted entry". On that evening, she also "threatened kidnapping of a child and made a false 911 call to gain entry into a victims home". Victim, as records show, had Atlanta Police summoned, however, "because of the ever present threat of violence and kidnapping", victim refused to press charges.


Many videos and audio recordings to follow as time allows. Videos will also be displayed at:


 NOTE TO CALLER(S) MAKING DEATH THREATS THIS AFTERNOON: The pornographic pictures and videos Debbie Matani made with her sex partners, or still makes, that are on the Internet, are NOT, nor will ever be, posted by this author! The purpose of this blog is to get make a threat of violence,  intimidation and child kidnapping go away, not to humiliate. Based on a secretly recorded conversation between Shafiq Matani and one of Debbie Matani's and her associates victims, I'd direct your attention to the sham husband. That audio conversation will be posted.

Keep in mind, Atlanta Police were called in December, 2009 with a message left on the Drug Task Force Hotline of this drug related violence and evidence available to them. They NEVER bothered to return that call. These are powerful people, including a Pastor, Doctors and a Lawyer. Some conned, and most Debbie's customers, suppliers and thugs. This blog WILL have ALL 4,000 plus pieces of evidence presented. The Truth will be seen by all and these criminals will face Justice. 

Futon County District Attorney's Office

This is a recording of a voice mail from the Fulton Country District Attorney's office. In contacting them, the victim only communicated through email. This author has reviewed the emails and find the D.A.'s office callus towards a frightened individual and clearly lies to a victim.  Emails to follow.


Debbie Matani's Forgery (one of many) 

Debbie Matani was ordered by the Superior Court of Fulton County to, amongst several items she still fails to comply with, notify her Father, Curtis Shatley, that she and her friends have NO contact with several of her victims . Comparing letters Debbie Matani wrote to several victims, this clearly appears to be HER handwriting.  Also, notice that her Father's name is spelled wrong; "Curts". On other forgeries, she spells her fathers name as "Kurtis Shetley".

(The original document includes certain parties names. They've been excluded to protect Debbie Matani's victim(s))

This document was supplied by the law offices of Alston & Bird. This is the law firm Bill Hughes, husband of Rev. Dana Hughes, is a partner.  Committing a Federal crime doesn't faze Debbie Matani and her violent posse. 

Debbie Matani's Brothers, Mark Shatley, Mug Shot Photo

This  photo is believed to be of Debbie Matani's brother upon being recently booked in jail for a violent act.



UPDATE: It's confirmed, this is Debbie Matani's brother from Miami, FL. Mr. Shatley, are you the person Debbie Matani delivers crystal meth to on her trips from the meth capital of the world, Altanta, to Miami. It should be noted that Debbie Matani takes her daughter Miranda on these trips. Teaching the next generation?

 It should be noted that Debbie Matani's former boyfriend, Carlos Cruz (Federal Prosecutor called worse than Al Pacino in Scarface), had a condo in Miami during her cocaine drug running days.


Shafiq Matani - Havana Grill Atlanta, GA & Sherri Haynie - Westridege Dance Center McDonough, GA

Below are links to pictures of Shafiq Matani, who is known to carry a gun and having a violent temper, and Sherri Haynie. If you see drug activity at Havana Grill or Westridge Dance Center, call the police immediately. It is recommended that you do not patronize either of these establishments. Debbie Matani and her associates have harmed children.

Click here for: Shafiq Matani (Far Left)

Click here for: Sherri Haynie 




Click here for: Ormewood Park Presbyterian 




Deborah Matani, Shafiq Matani, Brennan Walter, Dana Hughes, Cat Jaffin, Lesa Hope, Phil Scott, Mark Shatley, Erin Walter, Lesa Hope